Is your email attractive?


Email marketing is one of the most important part for company to drive sales, bud are your emails really attractive to target customers?

Let’s have a sight from customers’ side. This is one of email that I have received with image. Looks pretty, right?

my habit with image

Compared to previous one, this is what your email look like when target chose not to download the image,will customers be attractive to this kind of email? Absolutely no. Pay attention to how to balance the image and word in the email content. Otherwise, try to attract target to download the image and explore moremy habit no image

Now, look at another three examples. The First one is from eBay. The title has clear and attractive message:”Today’s Deal”, This email targets the potential customers that subscribe the deal information. Obviously, the purpose is to make sales. Here are two version, one is from desktop, the other one is from mobile. They look like consistent, and well organized. It delivers message to target easily. If I were the target, I will click the picture and see more deals in the website. Because the price comparison is so attractive.

ebay2 IMG_7969

The second one is from Skyscanner, a flight searching website. This email is functional for target, but also could drive sales. It is the price alert for chosen flight, when there is lower price to this flight, there is the email alert. The title is clear and concise. “Price update, and showing the new price in the content. There is colorful button called search now, which could direct traffic to website and make sales. The target is the person who have plans to go somewhere, but haven’t made purchase, there is big possibility to make a deal. In addition, there is the link that search for hotels and car rental, which are also attractive and functional for target, if I were the target, at least I will view the website and check it out.


The last one is from MileagePlus. First, the subject is not clear. “February monthly statement” seems to claim your miles, which will be a notification email. However, when you open the email, it came out with an AD about the Hertz car. If the email’s purpose is for car rentals promotion, then the title should be clear. And the email’s target is not exact. I made several bookings, but I never rent a car, I should not be one of the target email list. It is useless to sent me the email with this promotion. More importantly, it is hard to call action if I am upset. Because I suppose to receive my miles statement, but it turned out to be a promotion. I will unsubscribe the email. So this is a bad example.


Everyone receives hundreds of email everyday.Most of them are from merchandisers who want to drive sales. So when you are creating email content, think about if you were the audience, what kind of email you would like to open and click. Then you will find the right way to create a valuable email.


The Consultant’s Challenge: Conducting an Organizational Assessment Focusing on the Culture

The Vector View

If you are new to this field, you will quickly find out what those who have been around the block a few times are well aware of—there are many twists and turns in the business of conducting accurate and actionable organizational assessments. Many practitioners think they do it well and many companies who pay for these assessments think they got a good deal. In reality, they were far from what they could and should have received. This usually starts to become clear in the intervention planning, and if not there becomes very clear shortly after the intervention begins.

Most consulting firms in their first meeting with a potential client listen carefully to the executive or senior manager describing the challenges their organization faces. They hear about the lackluster results the company seems to be getting and as soon as the potential client winds down the consultant or their sales person…

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Consultant, do you have 10,000 hours?

Effective and multitask

Consultants Mind

Malcolm Gladwell argues in Outliershere that you really don’t start to excel at something until you put in the requisite blood, sweat and tears . . . or 10,000 hours of focused energy. Yes, the Beatles were brilliant, but they also toiled at their craft in hundreds of small German bars in the early 1960s.  Without sacrifice, it’s imitation. . . not excellence.

I completely agree, and not just because I am in my forties.  Proficiency is not excellence. With the internet-speed of everything, it is too easy to know something about something.  Given a half-day with a talented analyst, I can drum up some seriously smart things to say on most any topic.  Yet, you and I know that watching a youtube video does not make you a master who can charge $300/hour.

Do the work.  This is a ridiculously obvious point for anyone in professional services, but is a particularly relevant…

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Guide to Management Consulting

Management Consulting is always hard to understand.

Real Industry Insights

The following is an excerpt from the interview we conducted with a Senior Associate at a top management consulting firm.

What are some of the skills one need to develop for making it into management consulting besides strong problem solving/analytical skills and communication skills?

An interesting question, and it depends on the career progression that sparks or ends up consuming your passion. Consultants passionate in a subject matter with keen problem solving skills often take the “back end” path versus a consultant who is more interested in the relationship management component taking the “front end” path. Developing mastery of the realm you advise on – healthcare, analytics, etc. – will be key, one of the advantages of being in an external advisory role is you have insights into inter industry processes and often have insights into what other comparable companies in the space are doing.

Also, don’t limit the scope…

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How to build content marketing?

Think about your email box, how many promotion email from Marcy’s, gilt and other shopping website do you have per day? Ten, Hundred or even Thousand? In my case, when I open my email every morning, It comes out hundred of promotion e-newsletter, but do I open and check each of them? No, I only chose what attracts me at first glance. Imagine you are one of this company, you are using the content marketing trying to attract potential customers to your website.


According to the research, more than 86% Business to Business marketer and business to customer marketer use content marketing. Using a content marketing doesn’t mean successful.So there is one question that confuse the marketer a lot is how to build a good content marketing?

Content marketing”, Content is the king. Since you decide to use content marketing, the first thing is to think about the content, no matter in social blog, e-newsletter, or articles in the website. There is an interesting case study related to content marketing,

Tresnic Media: The Blogging “Magic Number”–Increasing Website Traffic 1,000% In 8 Weeks”

It is amazing to increase website traffic thousand percent in less than two months. How did they do?

Before developing the content marketing, you need to know, the valuable of the content is the first and the most important. Then it is consistency, it is better that there is one thing to develop every week in a year, such as A TV Show that broadcast each Thursday, when it is attractive, audience will expect each Thursday to see it. And frequency is the last, you’d better find out what frequency is cost effective?


Here are some approaches to develop the content.

First, Think about some questions and problems that are potential to be asked by your customers and target, and then give the response. Providing valuable answers in the content will catch the attention of customers. In addition, it will be easy to be found by search engine.

Second, What benefit do you want to bring to your customers? Describing the benefit of your product and service, which is unique and can not be replicate by the competitors.

Third, Building the community in your content marketing. when customers feel like that what in your content marketing is in their side, they would like to see and share with friend. Think about what kind of brand image you want to leave to your customers.

After all, These approaches seem easy, but again, pay attention to the content. When you are really good at content marketing, you will find out that content marketing will decrease customer service time and improve customer’s experience. Anyway, Develop a good content marketing, business are yours.

Digital Marketing Festival-Valentine’s Day and NBA All Star

UnknownThis week is really a festival week for marketing campaign, especially for digital marketing.

NBA All Stars Week

From Friday to Sunday, it is NBA All-Stars. and every teenagers and adult are so excited about it.  People watch the game and talk about it. I went to the barclays center to see the first day game. It was exciting and amazing.Before I went into the court, there was an interesting thing, you can take photos with famous ” NBA Star”, Actually, they are not real, but staff use the iPad and put you inside the camera, then you got the photos with your favorite star. They will send you photo to the email address you left. They look like real, aren’t they?


When I was there, I found something interesting. When people were watching the game, they texted and were active in social media at the same time. They posted the photos and videos in the Facebook, twitter, and Instagram.


Even the sponsor of NBA, they chose the MVP from the winer team according to the most popular player in Twitter. They asked person who watched the game tweet the first name and last name of your favorite player and then hashtag #NABALLSTAR. See? Everyone is using the digital media, especially social media. This is the MVP, Wiggins, the player chosen through Twitter.IMG_6203

Even me, I tried to vote for Wiggins, but I don’t know what the hashtag is, I searched in twitter, NBA All Star, trying to find hashtag, and I found lots of related content, and got the hashtag.

Valentine’s Day:

Feb.14th, Valenties Day, couple’s day. It seems like everyone in the world was celebrating the Festival. At least one week in advance, every shop and brand began to promote the campaign for Valentine’s Day. My email account received hundreds of email related to Valentine’s Day. Only if I saw the thing that is really impressive, I will click the link, otherwise I just ignore them. So for digital marketer, even you can access to some target like me, you have my email address, and I do receive the promote email, but the content is really important, you have to capture the eyes of the target, otherwise, it is meaningless.

valentineOne day before Valentine’s Day, each shop made the final call. and I saw every shop was filled with crowd. It was more serious on the exact Valentines Day, especially in AMC cinema. There is a movie called fifty shade of grey. You can not imagine how popular it is. You can not even buy one ticket for the movie on Valentines Day. Couples were so excited to see the movie, even the movie is not as great as the others. But this is also the marketing strategy.

One more thing interesting about the Valentines is I restart to play candy crush. It has been a while since I stop to play the game.  But I saw the notification that said there is valentine pack for candy crush, and I was just curious about it, and I liked it, it gave some candy and tools as the lower price. I tried to win it and I restarted to play it and can not stop. Even for the mobile app, they used all the related thing with the app and attract the customers to enjoy it. That is really smart.IMG_6252After I saw this one, I share the screenshot with my friend and asked her to see the new pack, I did think it was interesting and wanted to share with my friend.

Shopping and Eating

– Winter Restaurant Week

From next week, it is going to be Winter Restaurant Week. We can have 3 courses for only $38 in more than 300 restaurants. I made several reservations through the app called opentable. It is really convenient for me. It is easy to use, and the push notification promote you some good restaurants. Also, I uses yelp very often, but I find it out that the Ads in the list is not helpful, since most people do not want to go to the Ads restaurant, they prefer natural high score restaurant.

Today, I am really frustrating about the shopping in amazon app, it is not as helpful as the website, I was trying to find pajamas, It came out some unnatural and unrelated things, which made me frustrating to see one by one, and I just chose another shop to buy it. Hope it could be better in future. I think that is the common problem for shopping app. Even the website is good to search and easy to find things, but the app is not that helpful. They are inconvenient and dissatisfied the customers’ need.

An amazing blog and one of my favorite photographer.

I don’t remember from when, everyone fall in love with social media, Facebook, twitter, and other emerging social platform. Less and less people want to write diary. But sometimes, I really want to write something down to memorize the experience. I love traveling and I enjoy going to a new world. Following is the photo when I was diving in Bahamas.


I am really fresh in blog world.  Once I stepped into this blog world, the first topic came to my mind is traveling, when I searching some blogs related to traveling, I found this one. What first captured my eyes is the word he put in the profile: chasing the world, finding bliss. That is all I want to do.

cover photo

He doesn’t write the blog very often, but each article is fantastic, especially the photos in the article.

The title of the blog is always simple, just the place. and showing really typical cultural photo in the beginning.

titlehe writes as he is talking with you, he doesn’t simply explain where the city is, and what did he do. he is writing like he is talking with a friend about the experience. He is trying to describe the feeling and emotion when he was there, and makes the reader feel like he or she is in the same scene.

What I love most is the photos in the articles, each one is so fabulous and amazing. Each paragraph he describes one experience in the city, and the insert several beautiful photos he took, exactly showing the culture and atmosphere in that city. His photos are not only beautiful, they are more like telling the story about the culture and the people there.

article1article 2

I enjoy reading a paragraph article and see the photos, it makes me connect the feeling and viral scene. If I went there before, it recalls lots of memory.

From the digital marketing insight, he uses the photo to attracts the reader. Also he pays attention in tags. He uses various tags that may related to the articles. This is smart, if people wants to search related topic, his article will show up.


I like this blog, and I learn something from the blog.Hope you guys like it too.